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You will love our award-winning interactive guitar, bass, keyboard & drum lessons which get you playing right from the first lesson. Suitable for learners of all ages, you can learn anywhere, anytime, with our online music school.   Videos, play-along files and online assessment guide you from Debut grade to Grade 5, awarded by The University of West London/London College of Music. Find out more.


Grab your instrument, watch lessons, play along, track progress, and share it online.

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Quality whole class instrumental tuition.

Give every student in your class and school the opportunity to play guitar, bass, keyboard & drums. Teachers lead the class and support learning, students work with their instruments and computers; individually, in groups, or at home.

Your students can learn with Gigajam anytime, anywhere by logging on to our online music school. You can be assured of Gigajam’s quality as our award winning lessons and software now support internationally recognised music grades awarded by The University of West London/London College of Music.

Using Gigajam will support the core aims of the National Plan for Music Education as well as meet key Ofsted priorities for music education.

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