Exclusive Telegraph Offer – Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Keyboard Lessons and Drums Lessons with Gigajam

FREE 6 month subscription to Gigajam Online Music School worth £59.94

If you’ve always wanted to go to music school – now you can! Exclusive to Telegraph subscribers you can get free 6-month access to Gigajam Online Music school. You can learn guitar, bass, guitar, keyboards and drums, in your own time, in your place at your own pace.

Gigajam Online Music School - Case Study of Witton Park Academy

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are becoming better understood through the advancement of neuroscience. This has helped us understand that listening to music sets our brains alight with activity. Playing a musical instrument goes even further, engaging nearly every part of the brain so that when we practice we strengthen those areas of the brain. Problem solving, planning, as well as fine motor skills are all strengthened through playing a musical instrument, not to mention the sheer pleasure and joy of being actively engaged in music making; whether on our own, or socially, with others.

Learning to play should be simple and easy. But we will all recognise some of the reasons that make it hard sometimes. For instance, being able to find a high-quality local music teacher can often be difficult. The best teachers are very busy and we then have to negotiate the issues of reliability, quality and cost.

When you do find a reliable, local, high quality teacher, it is then finding the time that fits with our modern busy schedules. A fixed commitment makes regular music lessons difficult for both teachers and students to schedule good mutually convenient times that will support sustained successful and meaningful progress. And, who wants to pay cancellation fees for a service not received?

Then there is the cost of lessons. We know the 2016 Musicians Union rate card was recommending £32 per hour. This means a weekly lesson will take an annual investment of around £1280 if you study for 40 weeks! That is not an insignificant amount of money.

But for all the faults of the 21st century there are many opportunities for learning to play an instrument with the development of the internet and interactive technologies. Quality can now be assured. You can learn when you want – anytime, anywhere, and the costs can be reduced significantly because of the efficiency of delivering lessons on demand.

The Telegraph offer includes Gigajam’s award winning interactive lessons that get you playing from the first lesson – so it is fun. So much more than just video tutorials, Gigajam are at the forefront of online learning with their interactive software and unique approach. TV Shows, play-along backing tracks and instructional clips, delivered in bite sized chunks, make Gigajam the most supported way of learning a musical instrument online.

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Gigajam’s Online Music School provides an e-Portfolio for every learner so you can record and save your performances with either a MIDI instrument, or, by uploading a simple video. Our interactive software can record, analyse and provide immediate on-screen feedback, accompanied by a percentage score for your portfolio. If you use our upload video facility one of our professional tutors will mark your performance, provide a score and helpful comments so whether you have a mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet we have a way you can learn and track your musical progress.

Your portfolio can be used as evidence to receive internationally recognised Music Grades awarded by the University of West London/London College of Music Examinations.

Gigajam Online Music School is packed with 144 Lessons, 1,000+ videos, audio and interactive backing tracks, 45 TV Shows & 30 Graded exam pieces. Each exercise has step by step narrated instruction, tutor video, audio & interactive backing track, diagrams, notation and glossary of musical terms. All of this is free with our exclusive Telegraph Offer.


To claim your FREE SUBSCRIPTION simply visit, https://gigajamonline.com/home/free6months/ with your full name and email address.

Terms and Conditions

By registering your name and email address, Gigajam will provide the Telegraph Offer to the subscribers(user) with unlimited access to www.gigajamonline.com free of charge, for 6 months from date of registration. No payment details are required. On expiry of the Telegraph Offer users can choose whether they wish to subscribe for a further period of their own choosing. Gigajam will not share user details with third parties. Users can elect whether they wish to receive promotional messages from Gigajam. Gigajam Online Music School is a web based service which requires a modern browser and a connection to the internet. Gigajam’s free MIDI software is available to download for compatible Windows and OSX computers.

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