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Gigajam Online Music School

Gigajam have high quality added value content for music industry and media partners. Our Online Music School is high value, high-quality content; perfect for businesses who are looking for mature promotional partner offers that add value to their products, for their customers, quickly and easily.

We have two main offers for partners:

Partner Online Music Academies | 6 month free trial

Gigajam provide high quality instrumental lessons for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums via a highly interactive learning platform. Our lessons are for: guitar, bass keyboards and drums. We are award winning (British education teaching with technology) and University backed, with internationally recognised music grades from the University of West London/London College of Music Examinations.

Partner Online Music Academies

High Value 6 Month Free Trial

Gigajam can produce your own Online Music Academy hosting some of our award winning content for your users to enjoy as an added value to using your product and services.

As an example, Casio Music Academy was built for Casio Electronics UK Limited and provides 10 free keyboard lessons to purchasers of Casio Electronic Keyboards in the UK. As a result, Casio have over 26,000 registered users (and growing daily) who now have a long term relationship with Casio where previously they would have been unknown to either the retailer, or Casio. On box and online promotion has supported sales of their instruments and been used by official retailers to differentiate from competitor products. www.casiomusicacademy.co.uk

Casio Music Academy proved so successful that Casio Monaco Corporation Limited introduced their own version in 2015 for the New Zealand music market. www.casiomusicacademy.co.nz

To discuss your online music academy added value proposition, for your customers, get in touch now.

For print media and online subscriber services Gigajam have provided high value 6 month free trials to encourage sales of newspapers as well as rewards for subscribers.

We have run multiple promotions for the Telegraph Media Group both in paper, online and for their subscriber proposition.

In 2016 we ran a succesful campaign for the Daily Mail Group in the Scottish Daily Mail.

Our very first campaign was for The Independent Newspaper which ran in their Saturday and Sunday editions and then contiunued daily for a week. New content was delivered every day, supported by an online component to provide legacy.


To discuss your 6 Month Free Trial added value proposition for your customers get in touch now.

How Gigajam Works

Added value content for music industry and media partners

Watch these videos to see how our content works.

High quality award winning and university backed added value content for music and media from Gigajam.

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