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Save hundreds with a lifetime Gigajam membership for only £49.99.
This is a one off payment, not a subscription. Pay once and use Gigajam for ever.


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1. Grab a Guitar, Bass, Keyboard or some Drums,2. Follow instructions, watch the Videos of our experts,

3. Play along, record, upload and Track Your Progress Online.


Our award winning interactive guitar, bass, keyboard & drum lessons get you playing from the first lesson. Videos, play-along files and online assessment guide you from Debut Grade to Grade 5.

Interactive Lessons

Bite-sized learning.

Step by step instructions ensure that you have everything you need to progress your learning at the fastest possible rate.

Narrated lessons present key knowledge through text, diagrams, videos, and interactive play-along exercises.

How-to Videos

Professional tutors and TV shows.

Every exercise has an accompanying video where a professional tutor performs the exercise for you to watch.

Every lesson also has a TV Show, where tutor and presenter go through the whole lesson in a studio format.

Play-along Exercises

A backing band right in your browser.

There’s a backing band track for every exercise.

So you aren’t just sitting there playing by yourself, you are always putting into practice the things you have just read about, listened to and seen. Truly interactive.


“Gigajam are at the forefront of music education through e-learning” Music Manifesto UK

With Gigajam’s award winning technology, you can study anytime, anywhere and be sure you are getting it right – without the need for a teacher – and so very much more than a video tutorial!

Click on image to see our Interactive Learning Window 
Music Exercise | Tutor Video | Audio Player | 
Xtractor - Play Along, Recording, Analysing Software | Target Tracker - Full Screen

Our Xtractor Software enables you to play along, record, analyse and your performances so you receive immediate feedback on your performance. Every note is captured and displayed back to you showing how accurately you have played the exercise. You also receive an immediate grade in a percentage score, so you can decide how well you did and decide whether you wish to improve your performance, or move on to the next exercise. You can upload your performances seamlessly from Xtractor directly to your own e-Portfolio.

Click on image to see Analyser - Full Screen

For learners who don’t use a Midi instrument, you too can receive your feedback, but by using our video marking technology. By simply recording a video and uploaded to YouTube, you can place your link in our YouTube video widget, next to your exercise and we will be notified to mark it. This is done by one of our resident tutors and you will receive a score, marked against the University of West London’s marking criteria, along with a short commentary to help you improve your performances. Any performance stored in your Portfolio can be used to attain Internationally recognised Music Grades from the London College of Music – awarded by The University of West London.


Earn an internationally recognised music qualification from the University of West London – London College of Music. Watch the video to find out how.


Save hundreds with a lifetime Gigajam membership for only £49.99. This is a one off payment, not a subscription. Pay once and use Gigajam for ever.

Save £100 and grab your special offer NOW! Ends 7th April 2020

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