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Gigajam are award winning creators of Music Education Resources for Schools, Academies and Colleges.

Thank you for recently visiting our stand and for your interest in Gigajam Online Music School. This page has been designed to help you understand further how Gigajam works, how it is being used and how harnessing technology for instrumental learning benefits you and your students.

Creating Musicians

Gigajam’s Online Music School and Internationally Recognised Music Grades help you provide all your students with the chance to learn to play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums in class, through curriculum, and as part of enrichment and extended activities, as well as receive music awards. Gigajam’s online music school is an ideal music education resources for Schools, Academies and Colleges.

Affordable Pricing

More affordable than ever, you can have Gigajam at only £1.50 a user per year, with a minimum order of £150. Our latest music education resources for Schools, Academies and Colleges are available on our dedicated education page. Call us or email us now on 01494 534880 or email

How Gigajam Works


Gigajam in Action


Gigajam Online Music School – Try for Free

You can try Gigajam freely by registering on our education service. You can try the first couple of lessons and download our software entirely freely. Please let us know if you need anything further to get the most from your trial, we would be delighted to help in any way we can. Just call Brian on 01494 534880 or email

Our dedicated education site is here

Internationally Recognised Music Grades

Music awards are built in to our online music school so that your pupils can receive music grades for studying with Gigajam. No travelling to exam centres, high costs, or restrictions to entering. Student can be entered when they are ready – they complete the online work and teachers just verify it!


You can find out more about our qualifications here.

Blended Learning

Your students can mix their time developing skills with the lessons and interactive software on our online music school and playing together in bands. It is all part of Gigajam. The lessons naturally encourage a mix of enjoyable activities that build tangible and transferable musical skills, which are great fun and support an active music making curriculum.

You can support pupils as they work at their own pace

Students can work at their own pace and the progress they make is recorded for them so they always know where they are in the course and what they need to do to improve.


Comprehensive pathway of learning

From debut to grade 5, Gigajam provides a comprehensive and mapped curriculum for guitarists, bassist, keyboard players and drummers to develop individual skills and come together and play as bands.

Significant progression route

By adding Gigajam to your curriculum you are offering the possibility of extending first access initiatives, bridging from transition, and enhancing musical future ideals right through to level 2 qualifications.

Track and help support your pupils progress

Our interactive software provides immediate feedback which can be used to help students make judgements on how they are progressing, store their work for tracking progress over time, and provide summaries of overall development.

Anytime, anywhere learning

With Gigajam learning content via a browser, our online music school never closes and is available anytime, anywhere to schools and their students.

Qualifications that contribute to your school.

Our music education resources for Schools, Academies and Colleges include music grades which are awarded by the University of West London/London College of Music and are on the Ofqual register – your school can include the QCF credits in performance tables.

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