Terms and conditions

Gigajam want you to enjoy your purchase. We also wish to make our terms and conditions of purchase as simple as possible and apply a no nonsense approach should you wish to be refunded for the products you have bought from us.

We do appreciate that sometimes products are bought in error, perhaps Gigajam isn’t quite what you were looking for, or, you have simply changed your mind and didn’t really want to make that purchase.

Gigajam deliver digital products, so our terms and conditions fully respect that you have 14 days cooling off period by Law. We will return, without hesitation a full refund.

Our own company policy extends that legal requirement to allow any customer/user, to request a refund for any reason up to 30 days from the date of purchase. As we are a no nonsense company, if its 31 or 32 days, that is not an issue and we will use our discretion appropriately.

The 30 day policy applies to all Subscriptions, Lifetime Memberships and Graded Awards.

We cannot make refunds after a month’s access to our service for any of our services.

Gigajam’s policies will never endeavour to contradict UK Law and we wish you to have access to your full statutory rights.

If you therefore feel unhappy in anyway, please just email support@gigajam.com and we will happily review your request.

To get the most from Gigajam, please visit https://gigajam.com/support

Gigajam simple, no nonsense, terms amd conditions – designed to protect your rights

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