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We want you to get the most from your lessons. This page is designed to provide some quick support for using our Online Tutor Marking Service, powered by YouTube. If you need anything from us at all, then please always feel free to just email us at

We are keen to get you up and running and enjoying learning to play with Gigajam.

Brian Greene |CEO/Founder


Online Tutor Marking – YouTube Videos

Guitar, Bass, Piano and Acoustic Drums

For students who are learning with an acoustic instrument, such as a piano, drum kit, as well as electric instruments such as guitar and bass, then you can receive feedback and scores by using our Online Tutor Marking Service – You Tube Videos.

Tablets, Phones and MAC OS

Gigajam’s automated Xtractor/Analyser software is only available on Windows. If you have a smartphone, tablet or MAC os, then you can receive feedback and scores by using our Online Tutor Marking Service – You Tube Videos.

How to use our Online Tutor marking Service

You can record and upload performances of any exercise up to a YouTube account and place the link in your portfolio.

  1. Simply video a performance of your playing along to the Gigajam audio player track. It provides the correct length and a count in so you can start correctly.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube and mark your video as unlisted (recommended).
  3. Copy the link to the video and place the link in the youtube widget next to the exercise in your lesson, or the graded piece you have performed (see picture/click to enlarge).
  4. Your tutor will be informed of the upload and will mark the video. Your tutor will give you a percentage score and feedback comments to say:what worked well” and what would beeven better if”.
  5. The scores gained will be stored in your portfolio with Gigajam and used to support any music grade you wish to apply for through our Online Music Exams in partnership with University of West London/London College of Music.
We aim for all marking of videos to be completed and confirmed within 24 hours. It is normally sooner. We do get busy times for marking with a lot of uploads in a very short period and it is hard for us to predict the staffing, please bear with us. Generally, we would still expect marking to be completed within 48 hours.
At weekends and bank holidays we intend to respond on the morning of the next working day.


More support in using Gigajam can be found on our support page here


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Any questions - Just ask

Email us and we will respond certainly within 24 hours and often much more quickly.

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