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Gigajam Music Teacher Network

Gigajam Online Music School is an award winning music learning and teaching platform and provides the backbone of our music teacher Network. Developed over years working in the UK’s formal education sector Gigajam is available to just under 3,000 primary and secondary schools in the UK and is delivered by Regional Broadband Consortia such as The London Grid for Learning, The Highland Council and Luton Mix – Music education Hub.

Gigajam has recently expanded to School’s internationally, as well as supporting learners in the National Offenders Management Services.

As well as operating in formal education settings, Gigajam is used by over 30,000 home users, studying guitar lessons, bass, lessons, keyboard lessons and drum lessons at our Online Music School.

Music qualifications are available to learners studying with Gigajam in school, with a private teacher or online. Our Music grades are awarded by The University of West London /London College of Music Examinations. Debut grade to grade 5 provide an Internationally recognised music qualification provided at your convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Online Music School

Essential Skills Courses for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums

Gigajam Music Teacher Network provides you with the Essential Skills Courses for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

This course means that you have an award winning tried and tested progressive pathway of study lessons available to immediately to teach, for beginners through to intermediates.

Students use the lessons with you and can then access all the materials themselves from home so you know exactly what they are practising and what they need to improve. The lessons are all delivered in the browser, so our online music school is always open and, is available anytime, anywhere.

Music Grades

Internationally Recognised Music Grades

Your students can receive music grades by studying with you and storing all their performances. This demonstrates the progress your students are making both in terms of quantity of exercises completed and the quality.

Gigajam’s ePortfolio scores the exercises uploaded and saves it as evidence for the University, as well as tracking when students are ready to receive an award. Automated scoring is available using Gigajam’s unique Xtractor/Analyser software which captures performances from digital instruments, especially good for drums and keyboards. You can also upload Youtube videos of students performances and link to their portfolio and provide a mark in our teacher marking engine. All again stored automatically for the University.

The University of West London use a teacher verification model so students do not need to sit an examination, at great cost of time and money, but simply have their portfolio confirmed by you your teacher. The certificate can then be ordered online when all the exercises, performances and questions have been completed, as the required standard. The grades are affordable at between £10 and £15. Full details plus the Ofqual details can be viewed here




  • Digital Curriculum, supporting your teaching and your learners
  • Interactive, fun and simple way to teach, learn and practice
  • Student progress tracking to support and encourage your pupils
  • Student Management and Administration
  • Group Teaching, reducing lesson cost, increasing profitability
  • Four instrument courses in one for multi-instrumental teaching practices
  • Connected Course Pathways that help create bands
  • Affordable and simple Music Grade process
  • Tried and tested, award winning (British education teaching with technology) and accredited ( University of west London)


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