Gigajam is an interactive online music school available anytime, anywhere through a web browser.

Our home user service is designed for users with a personal subscription or membership and can be found at Gigajamonline. Users who have access via an educational establishment (Local Authority, Music Education Hub, University, College or School) can find their service at Gigajam Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Browser Technology

Windows, MAC, Tablet & Smart Phones

You do not need any specialist equipment to use and enjoy learning with Gigajam. Simply follow the instructions, watch the videos, and play along with the exercises and songs using our audio player in your devices browser using whatever instrument you have available.

Our lessons are easy to follow and are characterised by small bite sized learning chunks and our Gigajam Exercise Windows. After a small amount of narrated instruction you have the Gigajam Exercise Windows which contains:

  • Musical Notation,
  • Video of the exercise being performed by the instructor
  • Audio backing track to play along with in the browser
  • YouTube Video recording widget – record a video and link to your portfolio for marking and graded exam evidence
Gigajam Exercise Window – Instruction, Notation, Backing Track, Video and YouTube video recording

The lessons are easy to follow, great to play along with and enable you to receive feedback from a professional music tutor, by linking your video to your portfolio. Tracking your progress and submitting your portfolio for an internationally recognised award can all be done through your browser without any connections or cables nor visits to a tutor or examination centre.

Desktop Technology

Xtractor 5

Play along/Record/Analyse software – Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Gigajam Xtractor X5 is a unique and truly interactive media player that allows students to play along, record, analyse and upload exercises from the Gigajam course. Available on Windows PCs.

If you want to be able to record your performances you need to use a laptop/desktop and download and install our award winning Xtractor software. You can then receive and save analysis of to your portfolio using our award winning Analyser software. Our Xtractor/Analyser software works using General MIDI and you can use any General MIDI device.


GIgajam Xtractor X5 Play Along, Recording, Analysing and Uploading software for Windows


Analysis Engine

Gigajam Xtractor X5 contains the Analyser software that automatically, analyses your performances. Simply record a performance and the press the A button on Xtractor to see a note for note assessment of your performance with a % score. Available as part of Xtractor 5 on Windows PCs.

Gigajam Analyser compares your performance to the exercise in real time
Gigajam Analyser X5 compares your performance to the exercise in real time

Download Xtractor

GIgajam Xtractor X5 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4, which may already be installed on your system. You should check to see that you install this before installing Xtractor. Even if you think you may already have .NET installed it’s still worth running Microsoft’s installer to check so, there may be recent updates.

  • Windows 8 already has .NET 4 installed.

Install GigajamXtractor X5 by downloading to your hard disc drive and then double-clicking the msi file. X5 now contains all Xtractors in one application, as well as Analyser.

Some assets on this site also require Adobe Reader.

After downloading checkout your first free lessons or subscribe to GIgajamonline.

Xtractor Synth (Beta)

Windows 10 / 8 / 7

XtractorSynth combines a MIDI SoundFont engine, with a MIDI loop device. It is intended to be a low latency replacement for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that is included in Windows.

This allows Xtractor to be used with controller keyboards and other MIDI devices without a built in hardware synth, such as some drum machines and guitar controllers without the latency that has previously been a big problem for these devices.

Download Xtractor Synth freely from here

Xtractor 5 – OSX

Parrallels for MAC

There is no native Xtractor for MAC OSX and we recommend that you consider using the Browser Technology for play along and recording with video. If you want to use the Desktop software Xtractor 5, you will need to use dual boot, or  install Parallels to run windows on your Mac. For full details and purchase visit here


During the course of 2020/21, we are looking to release an entirely browser based media app which will enable Xtractor play along, record, analyse and upload performances features to be available without installation of native applications to devices. We hope this will enable users of any device with an internet connection and modern browser to get the full experience currently available on Windows.

Subject to investment funding hoped for during 2020 Gigajam are also planning a series of apps to support more mobile use as well as cross platform native applications that build on the strength of our currently highly reliable windows software.

For more information please contact us

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