Not everyone has the time to attend regular keyboard lessons. For most people the cost of keyboard lessons has to be a consideration.

Gigajam’s Online Music School is the perfect solution to learn to play keyboard any time, anywhere at a cost that is affordable. Subscriptions are just £9.99 per month or, £99 per year and we have a Lifetime Membership for a single one-off payment of £149.99.

Learn to play keyboards with keyboard lessons from award winning Gigajam Online Music School. Music grades are awarded by University of West London/London College of Music.


Gigajam’s Essential Keyboard Skills Course can be followed from the comfort of your own home. Our Online Music School is award winning and backed with nationally recognised music grades from the University of West London/London College of Music, guaranteeing you quality keyboard lessons.

Our online course for keyboard lessons is comprehensive and ideal for: beginners, those returning to the keyboard, developing existing skills, preparing for University, or, developing specific skills as a professional player. Parents looking for keyboard lessons, can be assured that we provide both a professional service and one that supports your child in a fun and friendly manner.


In addition to the keyboard lessons, graded music exams are available and awarded by The University of West London/London College of Music. They include debut to grade 5, and can be studied and achieved online with no need to visit an exam centre. How cool is that? Our exams are also much cheaper as well! Currently graded exams cost just £10 for a debut grade rising to £15 for grade 5! They cannot be matched for either affordability or ease.


Take just 2 minutes to see how our lessons work and how simple and easy it is to learn with Gigajam keyboard lessons and receive internationally recognised music grades from the University of West London / London College of Music.

Our interactive play along, recording and analysing software enables keyboard players with a MIDI instrument to record and upload exercises to their own portfolio allowing you to track the progress you are making, as well as complete your portfolio so that you can receive your music grades for learning the keyboards. If you have a more traditional piano instrument we have a Video recording facility to enable you to record performances, uploaded them into your portfolio and have them marked by one of our teachers.


This is what users say about Gigajam.

“The lessons and steps to learning are simple to follow, and all in bite size chunks. You can repeat your lesson as much as you need to (in my case loads of times). What’s nice is the instant feedback from the scoring system, Xtractor. So you can really see how much progress you’re making.”

— Peter Metcalfe

“Joining Gigajam was one of the best moves I have made. You have helped me to achieve a long held ambition to play music in my own environment in my own time with no pressure. Fantastic!”

— Paul Whitehouse

“I look forward to receiving feedback on my videos. It gives me comfort that I’m making progress and heading in the right direction. Gigajam has an element of personal interaction that I like, there really is a person on ‘the other side’.”

— Nick Moss

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