Gigajam, in partnership with the University of West London/London College of Music produce the first entirely online series of graded music examinations. Available for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums the UWL/LCM are able to award music qualifications to learners who complete their grades with Gigajam. Whether you learn at school, study with a private teacher or work on your own at home, Gigajam grades are completed and awarded online without the cost, time and travel of visiting an examination centre.

Take 2 minutes to see how easy it is to study for your music grades with Gigajam. Available for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums for debut through the grade 5.



With music grades being delivered online they no longer need to be expensive in terms of fees, or costly in terms of travel and time. Our music exams are just £10 for debut grade, with the most expensive being just £15 for grade 5.

A simple comparison to Trinity and Rockschool show that they charge much larger fees for the same qualifications. Currently, Trinity College charge £34 for their initial grade and £60 for their grade 5 in their Rock and Pop Exams. Rockschool currently charge £37 for their debut grade and £58 for grade 5.


Students learning using Gigajam simply complete the exercises in their chosen instrument and upload and store their performances in their e-Portfolio. They can do this using either the video capture or award winning Analyser software. At the end of each grade they then have five songs to perform and store, proving their skill and fluency in performing on their instrument. Receive your internationally recognised music qualification, and a real certificate to hang on your wall.


Graded Music Exams Online with Gigajam

Graded Music Exams Online with Gigajam

Here is the table of music grades, costs and link to the national register for qualifications.


Gigajam Grade NQF Level QCF Credits Cost Ofqual Register
Debut Entry Level 4 £10 601/0304/8
Grade 1 Level 1 9 £11 601/0300/0
Grade 2 Level 1 12 £12 601/0302/4
Grade 3 Level 1 12 £13 601/0303/6
Grade 4 Level 2 15 £14 601/0359/0
Grade 5 Level 2 18 £15 601/0309/7

To earn your grade just look on the instrument contents pages for the grade progress-box keyboard drums guitar and bass. There’s one at the end of each grade. Here’s an example:

Each part of the progress-box will get ticked as you complete the lessons above. Once you’re ready then get your grade verified and pay the examination fee, and your certificate will be posted to you.

Our nationally recognised music grades, awarded by University of West London/London College of Music are awarded on the following basis:

  • Pass is achieved between 65-74%
  • Pass with Merit is achieved 75-84%
  • Pass with Distinction is achieved at 85% +

The full syllabus and grade descriptors are available here

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