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Whole Class Instrumental Tuition for Schools

Whole class instrumental tuition from Gigajam gives every student in your class and school the opportunity to play guitar, bass, keyboard & drums. Teachers lead the class and support learning, students work with their instruments and computers; individually, in groups, or at home.

Your students can learn with Gigajam anytime, anywhere by logging on to our online music school. You can be assured of Gigajam’s quality as our award winning lessons and software now support internationally recognised music grades awarded by The University of West London/London College of Music.

Using Gigajam will support the core aims of the National Plan for Music Education as well as meet key Ofsted priorities for music education. Try our guitar lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons and drum lessons in your school.

New Licence Offers for whole class instrumental tuition

We have launched a series of new licence offers for schools

Pupil Premium Licences

for Secondary and Primary Schools

We have created a new pupil premium licence for both secondary and primary schools for schools who wish to support their students with instrumental tuition. Instrumental tuition can be expensive, so our lessons for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums are affordable and, available anytime, anywhere. You can now make Gigajam available to all your pupil premium students at school and at home with our specially priced licences. Secondary School licence is £149 p.a and just £99 p.a for Primary Schools.

Visit our schools page for more details; just click the link above.

Keyboard Unlimited User Licences


We understand the pressure on budgets in schools and the difficulty of affording new instruments. This new licence and, price, helps you get the most from your existing keyboards for your students. You can now use Gigajam to give all your students access to keyboard lessons at school and at home – anytime, anywhere.

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